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Employer Branding

VideoClips for Web and Social Media

Now inhouse: Video Production It’s a big challenge to produce videos for a narrow target group (BtoB) in high quality and at low costs. In the past Luenstroth developed storyboards and scripts and directed the takes at the sets. But only in rare cases production costs allowed development of videos for smaller target groups (like …

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Business to Consumer For 30 years pally with the consumer Lünstroth develops promotional campaigns to communicate defined messages. This can be new products or product ranges, tariffs, price changes or new business. In line with the leitmotif “everything from one source”, the campaigns are media-neutral: the measures are designed to optimize price / performance ratios. …

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Design: Brand, Corporate, Package, Web

Design Design: Brand, Corporate, Package, Web   Lünstroth develops design solutions as a functional component: the design has to tell the story. The fact that it has to look good is a compelling requirement, because only convincing design gives the decisive emotional impulse. Design emerges at different stages of the development process: in a first …

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Brand Development

Brand Development   Lünstroth develops brands, trademarks and naming systems for more than 20 years.   For more than 20 years, Lünstroth has been developing Namings, company and product brands. The extensive knowledge of international brand law, the understanding of the brand’s positive association, and the optimal fit in the existing brand architecture of a …

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Workshops | Seminars

Workshops Workshops are an integral part of the Lünstroth service offer. They have two main focuses: They serve the development of new strategies and strategic objectives. Then there are workshops on the management level, for example to develop a new positioning, to find a new brand architecture or to coordinate corporate branding issues. They make …

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