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Luenstroth identifies brand drivers.



Every positioning of a range of products or a company is unique (or should be unique). This aspect isn’t only relevant for quantitative selection of media, but also for the right selection of message to be brought to the target groups.

Luenstroth analyzes these assets and avoids simple schemes of a past media world.

Brand Naming BtoB
Brand Naming BtoC
Brand Mission BtoB
Brand Mission BtoC
After Sales Service (Technique) BtoB
After Sales Service (Technique) BtoC
Packaging BtoB
Packaging BtoC
Image Building Advertising BtoB
Imabe Building Advertising BtoC

Strategy is fine.

But what about execution?



Strategy is the “conditio sine qua non”. But tactics can minimize damage .

Strategy is the great center of gravity field of Lunstroth Brand Agencies . As external consultants with profound knowledge of the industry, Luenstroth offer the big value in building stronger brand systems. But markets and audience behavior are not always predictable – sometimes a sudden reaction is needed.

In these cases it’s good to know Luenstroth can function as a common agency: Fastest possible consulting services and solution options with secured reach of target.