Annual report of the Association of Municipal Employers’ Associations

 The Report Department of Luenstroth brand agencies , AnnualDesign , has just delivered the annual report of the Association of Municipal Employers’ Association ( VKA ) .

The broschure with 76 pages focuses on current topics and employer reports on the extensive activities and negotiations of the VKA in 2013 and 2014. It is the first time that the VKA offers extensive information to its member associations in the form of an annual report .

Here is the PDF.

The choice for design, implementation and production of the annual report was AnnualDesign. We are pleased about it.


Managing Director: Peter Luenstroth M.A.

Peter studied phi­lo­so­phy and ethnology in Ber­lin und law in Bie­le­feld and Muens­ter.  After a traineeship at the broadcasting station Sender Freies Ber­lin he changed to strategic advertising at the end of the 80ties.

Brand Agency: Competences

As Crea­tive Direc­tor he was responsible for brands like Apollinaris-Schweppes, Casio, Dr. Oetker, Homann, Langnese, MelittaMentos, Pioneer, Procter & Gamble, S.Oliver, Whirlpool et al.

1994 he founded the advertising agency planet weco. The foundation of Luenstroth Brand Consultancy followed in 2004 ; 2009 Luenstroth Corporate Identity.

Peter Luen­stroth is a keynote speaker for specific brand issues, too.



History of Luenstroth Brand Agencies has started with a company named Luenstroth Projections. This company used to develop marketing and communication strategies. Some years later a spin off was launched, an advertising agency named planet weco.

In the meanwhile there are specific divisions for brand development, brand consulting, advertising and corporate identity and design.

Luenstroth Brand Agencies act as conceptional umbrella; clients can choose whether they need some specific services or use the Brand Agencies as entire service and consulting web.


Annual Reports

AnnualDesign ist a specialized agency for developing of award winning reports at value for money costs.

The business principle is a module oriented development of annual reports: High efforts in generating convincing content and impressive style; “industrial” production within the DTP and publishing process.

Results are fine and convincing annual reports for all media including microsites for the web at lowest spendings.

Find details here.


Corporate Identity Agency

Luenstroth Corporate Identity is the Agency for optimizing and developing stronger Identities.

The agency goes further than conventional CI-Agencies: Corporate Design is only one of many modules of Corporate Identity.

Brand Agencies: Corporate Design follows Corporate Functions

Worldwide the first Luenstroth Corporate Identity has developed the concept of Corporate Myth to establish a strong motivational core for the Corporate Brand.

Further information is to be found here.


Brand Consultancy

Luenstroth Brand Consultancy offers a wide range of consulting services in brand areas:

  • brand analysis
  • brand strategy
  • brand and trademark development
  • portfolio management
  • realtime consulting
  • optimization of brand architectures


Every work on brands should start with an analysis: What are the strength in different dimensions of brand personality and what sort of positioning the competitors are aiming at?


For measuring the brand personality Luenstroth follows the classical model of brand personality which has been established in the mid 90th by Aaker, Keller a.o.

But Luenstroth is different to the above: Every market is different and countries and their cultures, too, Brand-Personality-Dimensions-USA-Measurement

Luenstroth has developed tools to find the right analyis model not only for product ranges but also for different cultures on different continents.


But a deep analysis is only the first step. When it comes to strategy the difference between BtoB and BtoC brands is getting important – the determinants are different.

Brand Strategy BtoB vs. BtoC

Try this link for further information about the Luenstroth Brand Consultancy.


Development of Brands and Trademarks

Since there are different legal systems an enterprise must respect development and protection of corporate brands and product trademarks is difficult if these companies and marks are distribuing or distributed worldwide.

Luenstroth has established a division of its own for these developments of brands and trademarks: Brandpeak®.

Brandpeak is experienced in developing brands and trademarks since more than 20 years. The company has a focus on digital aspects (= every brand or mark shown on a website can collide with similar marks) and is strong in international legal aspects.

The legal knowledge does not only increase security for the brand leading company. It is an important advantage when it comes to short development cycles.

The details are to be found here at Brandpeak.